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About us

Our History

The company Theseus Lab was registered in Prague in 2011 as part of a group of companies specializing in the supply of complex and non-standard metrological and measuring equipment. However, its history begins much earlier, in 2001, when the first company of the group started work.

Given the importance of the presence in the European markets and also to simplify negotiations conducting with European partners, in 2015 it was decided to make Theseus Lab the head company of the group.

With the further development, Theseus Lab, from a small company having no more than 5 employees, has become a serious structure with more than 110 working employees as of today. At the same time, new jobs continue to be created.

Currently, the increasing share in the turnover of the company do not represent supply operations of ready equipment but engineering activities and selling of own developments.

Our Mission

The mission of Theseus Lab – is a transfer of high technologies on emerging markets and assistance to development and production of hi-tech products in the countries with transitive economy.

Our Team

70+ scientists/
90+ with EU
15% staff with
Master or PH Degree