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Automation of calibration and testing laboratories

The software package UniTesS significantly increases speed and accuracy of measurements, due to which laboratory efficiency may increase considerably. At the moment the software package UniTesS has virtually no competitors.
The quality of this product has been appreciated by such strategic organizations as:
  • BelGISS;
  • BelGIM;
  • BelLIS Giprosvyaz;
  • the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Belarus;
  • the Center for Standardization and Metrology of Nizhny Novgorod region and the company TEST St. Petersburg.
We are engaged in negotiations with a number of other significant customers. With this, the purchase and ownership of this complex is priced at such a value that it is available even for specialized independent laboratories and laboratories of small enterprises.
in the nextyears
We expect that the software package UniTesS shall become the de facto standard in the automation of calibration and testing laboratories on the territory of the Customs Union.

Development and manufacture of laboratory workstations

The successful experience of operating the software package UniTesS, its multi-purpose nature have allowed starting development and production of workstations for laboratories based on the software package. Today, calibration and testing laboratories are provided with about 40 ready-made solutions, which are based on precision instruments by such well-known and reputable manufacturers like Aglient, Andeen-Hagerling, Anritsu, Fluke, Transmille.
greatly simplify and improve the quality of problem solving in the field of electrical and radio measurements, as well as allow automation of operations on production testing within the framework of conformity to requirements of standards for GSM and UMTS technologies.
We have also begun working on creation of workstations for other measurements, such as for on-line calibration of gauges, vibrators and spectrum analyzers in the acoustic range, pH-meters.
Workstations for laboratories based on the software and hardware package UniTesS are in steady demand not only in Belarus, but also in Russia and Kazakhstan. The goal is to promote the product in other regions, where the Theseus Lab group of companies has its representatives.

Computer vision system

can be used in most laboratories regardless of their specialization and hardware platform. The system allows high precision reading out from the screens of most devices with digital indication. With this, accuracy is virtually independent from the type of screens used within equipment: LCD, LED, gas-discharge, seven-segment, graphic.
Accuracy of measurement does not depend on the rate of change of indications on the screen. Also, UniTesS Vision confidently recognizes slow processes to measure which may take tens of seconds (e.g. measurement of very high resistance) and rapid changes of measured quantity value (less than 1 second).
The database of UniTesS allows you to plan, track and optimize all actions carried out by laboratory personnel, which significantly reduces the burden on the staff - from an ordinary laboratory assistant to the head of laboratory or group of laboratories.
Despite the fact that the system is tested on a very large number of different devices, it has a built-in learning mechanism in case if you need to work with a new type of digital displays.

Development and production of precision managed switches for laboratories

UniTesS launched a new service - the development of managed switches for precision testing and calibration laboratories.
  • 01the development of the order for the customer's request;
  • 02delivery time is not more than 3 months and is comparable with the time delivery foreign analogue;
  • 0330% cheaper than any foreign counterparts;
  • 04the price depends on the specifications of the instrument;
  • 05manual and software control via USB.

Automation of operation concerned with intellectual property

At the initiative of Eugene Pak, a member of the international organization for technology transfer LES International, there has been developed a unique algorithm to manage intellectual property, which formed the basis of the software and analytical package «Intellectual capital».
The package
is an effective tool for creation, storage, search, analysis and visualization of data upon requests: patents for inventions, utility models and industrial designs, certificates for trademarks, scientific and technical articles and so forth.
Patent information in conjunction with the full text scientific and technical articles can be used not only for protection of intellectual property, but also for analysis of competitors' activities, determination of technical level of manufactured products and creation of new competitive technical solutions.
We are developing a range of products, including the eponymous software laboratory complex designed for organizing educational process in universities. This complex will provide students and teachers with technologies and resources aiming at reception and transmission of basic knowledge and skills in the field of protection of intellectual property, copyright and related rights.
Development and implementation of software and analytical systems are carried out by the companies belonging to Theseus Lab, the Belarusian-Czech enterprise TRIIN. The company has its offices both in Minsk and St. Petersburg.