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In addition, we actively promote onto the markets products of dozens of other brands, which complement product lines of our partners.
Today Theseus Lab offers more than
items of equipment from 24 other manufacturers. With this, the nomenclature of proposed solutions is constantly growing.
Currently, we have signed up agreements on exclusive partnership with such well-known manufacturers as:
We have gained a reputation of a major supplier demanded by representatives of educational institutions (BSUIR and BSU), and academia (a number of institutes of the National Academy of Sciences), the national authorities forming the state policy in the field of metrology, standardization and certification, - BelGIM and BelGISS, as well as design offices and laboratories of large corporations.
Our specialists have been carried out delivery and installation of the first and so far the only Belarus anechoic chamber. We won the tender for supply of transmitters for digital television of DVB-T2 standard for the BTRC. Fundamentally important victory was won in 8 lots of European tender EuropeAid/135802/DH/SUP/BY for supply of equipment in the field of testing energy efficiency and energy conservation of consumer goods.
Working closely with customers, we accurately track their needs and offer them solutions, which are optimal by price-quality ratio.
The total number of our customers buying test and measurement and telecommunications equipment exceeded
The “PPROFKON” company constantly expands the range of test equipment, covering more and more industries and types of measurements, offering consumers products of new manufacturers, many of which are not represented in the markets of the former Soviet Union.

We offer

to manufacturers
mutually beneficial cooperation
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high quality service
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