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Free consultations with manufacturers, a new approach to the choice of cable

Consultation with manufacturers of cables will avoid many unpleasant moments as when designing the cable networks so in the further project implementation.

“Advanced communications systems”, member of the Group Theseus Lab is an official exclusive representative of enterprises “Soyuz-Kabel”(Republic of Belarus, Vitebsk) and” Speckabel “(Russian Federation, Moscow). It offers design contactors to set up relationship with these major developers and manufacturers of cable products over the post-Soviet space.

You get an opportunity:

  • Get a free-of-charge consultation from leading designers and engineers of the manufacturer at pre-design stage on the cable choosing.
  • Get free technical design specifications on cables produced by the enterprise

What pros. does a developer of cable nets get?

  • Skills of correct interpretation of cable design variants and marking on them
  • Reduction of the terms for development, coordination and implementation of the project
  • Cutting the likelihood of project possible recoordination or making changes into it
  • Finding the best solution taking within the individual peculiarities of the customer
  • Proper choice of analogues to foreign cables


On all matters contact the Director of “Advanced communications systems» Kirill Dufaylo:

+375 (17) 237-81-45, ext. 408
+375 (29) 275-67-05
+375 (44) 535-56-85

We offer: