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Fiber optic splice closures and distributing frames

The group of companies includes the «Optic-standart » company, which is a manufacturer of switchgear and distribution equipment, as well as fiber optic splice closures and distributing frames optical couplers and distributing frames, whose products are of high quality. The products are manufactured using high-precision laser equipment and meet all the requirements of consumers.
More than 140 companies have already appreciated the quality of products becoming its regular customers. The range of products is constantly expanding.

TV transmitters

Digital TV transmitters of SDT series DVB-T / T2 standard
In 2013, the PROFKON company, a member of the Theseus Lab group of companies, launched digital TV transmitters. The transmitters are designed to provide digital television broadcasting in the III-V frequency ranges in accordance with GOST 7845 in single-frequency and multi-frequency networks. The transmitters use in their design high-efficiency broadband power amplifiers, which corresponds to the environmentally friendly policy of all the companies included in the group of Theseus Lab.

Mobile laboratories for mounting and measuring fiber optic cables (LIOK)

The company TKS-MiSBoS, , which belongs to the Theseus Lab group of companies, manufactures mobile laboratories for mounting and measuring fiber optic cables (LIOK). They can be made on the basis of GAZ, MAZ, KamAZ, or any other vehicle upon request.
For transportation of an assembly and maintenance crew and installation of fiber optic cable, diagnostics of fiber optic communication lines (FOCL), fault location, its elimination and restoration of FOCL parameters in and urban setting and in the field. The design of LIOK can be adapted to meet any specific needs of the customer, such as: construction, repair and maintenance operations, monitoring and measuring operations, etc. Thus, in addition to the telecommunications industry LIOK can easily be re-equipped to be used in other industries such as power engineering, rail transport, certification and others.

The monitoring system of digital terrestrial TV «DVB-TesS»

Our experts was created the original monitoring system of digital television «DVB-TesS», maximally adapted to the Republic of Belarus, but easily customizable to fit any particular region.
DVB-TesS performs the following tasks:
  • 01measure and record the RF parameters of TV signal;
  • 02error logging;
  • 03mapping the received information on the map;
  • 04alarm errors and the current state of the equipment;
  • 05logging events / accidents;
  • 06report generation.
Functional system can be expanded by adding additional modules:
  • 01any instrumentation supporting the communication protocol SNMP, TXP;
  • 02broadcasting of video objects;
  • 03security and fire alarm systems;
  • 04system for collecting information about the power supply.

Disinfectant and sanitizer Lubisan™

Together with our partners we have started production of high-quality disinfectant and sanitizer Lubisan™. This product has repeatedly demonstrated in practice its high efficiency and cost effectiveness.
has a broad spectrum of activity against infectious agents of bacterial, viral and fungal etiology. It has a drying effect, absorbs odors (ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, methane, etc.), offers repellent properties. Lubisan ™ is manufactured in accordance with European Union Directive № EC 88/379 / CEE.
Main advantages:
  • 01the product and its breakdown products are not toxic to humans, animals and birds;
  • 02it doesn’t pollute the environment and groundwater;
  • 03it has a prolonged effect;
  • 04it does not cause adaptation of pathogens;
  • 05it is produced from natural raw materials under environmentally friendly technologies.
Places of possible use of the product:
  • 01farms, cages, indoor and outdoor grounds and buildings for managing and breeding of animals, including infected with pathogens;
  • 02places for storage of organic waste and waste of livestock and poultry husbandries;
  • 03destroyed by disaster animal burials, cemeteries, aeration systems, sewage spills, cellars, etc. to prevent outbreak and spread of epidemics and epizootics;
  • 04elevators;
  • 05storage complexes for crop products;
  • 06land, sea and river transport vehicles for transportation of crop products.

Data acquisition unit

As a supplier of visual aids and equipment for educational institutions, the PROFKON company, which belongs to the Theseus Lab group of companies, has started production of its own mobile laboratory complexes for independent practical work of students of specialized colleges and higher educational institutions.
The laboratory complex
The laboratory complex allows students to carry out self-study directly in school and at home, and in the presence of a laptop – in almost any place accessible for studies. With the help of a mobile laboratory complex in the course of practical work students are able to assemble electric circuits on small breadboard and examine them.
The mobile complex for self-training allows students to study the following technical disciplines:
  • Physics;
  • Theory of Electrical Engineering;
  • Analog electronics;
  • Digital electronics;
  • Circuitry of computers and computing equipment;
  • Measuring instruments and metrology;
  • Computer information and measurement systems;
  • Automobile electronics, etc.