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This became possible also thanks to our financial stability, compliance with professional ethics and social responsibility, the width of our interests and professionalism of the staff, their ability to work with suppliers and customers (large, systemic and small, down to entrepreneurs), as well as to engage in not just supply, but in the whole complex of works - from analysis of a company for selection of the best solutions to the delivery, installation, comissioning, training, maintenance and modernization.


Since 2014 our companies began to actively participate in tenders and competitions to supply core products.
As a result, they won different tenders held by such companies and organizations as:
  • 01 Belaruskali;
  • 02 Belmedpreparaty;
  • 03 Belpost;
  • 04 Beltelecom;
  • 05 Borisovskiy zavod medicinskikh preparatov;
  • 06 Borisov Crystal Factory;
  • 07 Gomelenergo;
  • 08 Grodno State University named after Yanka Kupala;
  • 09 Grodno Azot;
  • 10 Institute of Chemistry of New Materials of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus;
  • 11 KB Radar;
  • 12 International State Ecological University named after Sakharov;
  • 13 Minsk Automobile Plant (MAZ);
  • 14 Scientific and Practical Center on materials of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus;
  • 15 National Anti-Doping Laboratory;
  • 16 National Institute of Education;
  • 17 Physical-Technical Institute of the National Academy of Sciences of the Republic of Belarus.
In addition, we won the tender for supply of transmitters for digital television of DVB-T2 standard for BelTeleRadioCompany. Fundamentally important victory was won in 8 lots of European tender EuropeAid/135802/DH/SUP/BY for supply of equipment in the field of testing energy conservation and energy efficiency of consumer goods.


Among regular clients of the companies members of the Theseusroup Lab there are many Belarusian and Russian structures representing both the public and private sectors. Also, we are always happy to meet new partners, customers, investors and are looking for reliable and professional regional representatives.
Today, we deliver the most different products in more than two dozen countries:
the total number of our customers And we intend to continually increase this figure, and for this purpose we have sources - intellectual, human and organizational.


The companies of the Theseus Lab group are seeking to offer its customers high-quality high-tech products of leading national and international manufacturers. We have signed partnership agreement for exclusive representation with many of them. With some partners we are taking negotiations. An important competitive advantage of the companies within the group is that they have offered the products of those manufacturers that are not yet represented in the post-Soviet space. When choosing a partner, we have found a compromise between the current market conditions and expectations of consumers. As a result, all of the products we offer are of good quality-priceratio.
Currently, the companys of the Theseus Lab group offer their customers products of about
belonging to the leading national and international manufacturers..