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Agreement on Cooperation with Labthink Instruments Has Been Reached

Now TheseusLab customers have the opportunity to purchase equipment for scientific research from a world-class manufacturer.


Theseus Lab opportunities: delivery of equipment with advanced technologies

State-of-the-art engineering in the field of final and megasonic cleaning open up new opportunities and horizons for obtaining the highest level of defect-free cleaning of semiconductor wafers and various masks essential in such areas as microelectromechanical systems, the semiconductor industry and others. As a result of bidding Theseus Lab company was determined as a supplier … Continue reading Theseus Lab opportunities: delivery of equipment with advanced technologies


Theseus Lab at the conference “Analytics RB-2018”

Theseus Lab Company will become the general sponsor of the scientific conference on analytical chemistry in Minsk.


We invite you to the seminar on chromatography

On 27.03.2019, Minsk will host a seminar on “Basic Chromatography Course, Solution of Standard Applied Problems”


Theseus Lab on the conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology”

Theseus Lab is the general sponsor of the International Scientific and Practical Conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology”.


Seminar on Waters chromatographic equipment

We invite you to the seminar on the topic “Waters chromatography equipment to solve practical analytical problems”


Happy New Year and happy spring festival!

Congratulations for our Chinese Partners!


Theseus Lab becomes authorized representative of LDetek

We are glad to represent the gas chromatography equipment and accessories of LDetek in Belarus, CIS countries, and Czech Republic.


UniTesS training center opened

"UniTesS Scientific and Research Center" has opened an educational site, the goal of which is to train the employees of regional representatives, as well as employees of the companies which are already the users of UniTesS solutions. The goal of the center is not only to conduct training on the proper use of UniTesS products, … Continue reading UniTesS training center opened