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About us

Today the group of companies Theseus Lab can solve any tasks: beginning from setup and upgrading laboratories of any kind to management of experimental production in any field of economy, from integrated equipment supply for classrooms to arrangement of the aerodynamic tube for wind tests on modern airliners.

If it is required to solve a difficult non-standard engineering task this is possible exactly with Theseus Lab.

We can do everything.

Our Mission

The mission of the Theseus Lab group of companies is to deliver high technologies to developing markets and promote engineering and manufacturing of high-tech products in countries with transitive economy.

Our Team

A professional team that has been formed during the years of work is capable to face challenges the company is dealing with. Many of the associates working for the Theseus Lab group of companies have higher technical education and can speak several foreign languages.

• More than 80% associates have the experience of scientific and practical engineering work
• More than 90% associates have the higher technical education
• More than 10% of associates have Master of Science or Candidate of Science degree
70+ scientists/
90+ with EU
15% staff with
Master or PH Degree

Department of in-house engineering

The newest department of the company is established as a separate division in January 2018. More than 10 projects have been implemented by the efforts of its specialists, including:
• calorimetric rooms for energy efficiency measurement of household appliances
• equipment complex for washing, drying and dish-washing machines tests with a unique system of water treatment
• acoustic chamber with equipment for noise measurement
• equipment complex for luminous flux measurement and measurement of photo-biological parameters of light sources
• chamber for environmental tests heat-cold-moisture-light
• laser marking system for artificial mitral valves
• laser marking and integrated circuits handling systems
• laser cutting machine for flats and steel
Despite of young age this department has the highest prospect. Developments of the department produce advanced growth for the whole group of companies.

Engineering department

To solve the tasks of our customers in an efficient way it can’t be only the supply of ready-made equipment. The engineering department established in 2016 is engaged in development of complex solutions that integrate equipment both of established manufacturers and proprietary design. It is also responsible for development, adaptation, coordination and proper functioning of the software that controls equipment complexes. At the present 6 engineers working in the department possess wide experience in development and implementation of different systems. Many solutions offered by the department are unique. One engineer has the Master of Technology degree.

Technical department

Specialists of the technical department thoroughly investigate customer requirements, analyse possible solutions and choose the optimal decision.
By today 12 highly qualified engineers work in the technical department, three of them have a scientific degree. All the staff of the department possesses wide technical expertise that allows them to easily understand different types of equipment. Knowledge of foreign languages ensures that required information is quickly obtained from manufacturers. This allows significant saving of customers funds while meeting all their equipment requirements and reduces time for a decision making.

Service organization

Recently the number of performed solutions has not only increased by several times but also their complexity has been raised significantly. To bring new possibilities to customers the decision on quality extension of the service department was made in 2017 that was identified as a separate division and in 2018 formed into the self-sufficient company IQFix. Five experienced engineers work in the company. The company provides installation, commissioning, guarantee and post-guarantee services and maintenance of high-tech equipment of any kind.
The engineers of the service department will visit any location where equipment of the customer is installed. A stock of available resources ensures repairing and reconditioning for all types of technique.

Sales department

Theseus Lab utilizes different channels for sales of the ready-made equipment: from a direct interaction with the customer to a regular participation in tenders and competitive auctions. Specialists with higher technical education and knowledge of several foreign languages work in the sales department. They have great experience both in sales of complex technical products and their practical use. This serves to promptly find common ground and establish steady connections with the customers.