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Theseus Lab ®

Theseus Lab – is a group of engineering companies, which provides services on production, supply, installation, adjustment, commissioning and maintenance of high-tech products in the following fields: engineering and manufacturing, automation, service, supply of laboratories, chemistry and biochemistry, education and telecom and many others.
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Theseus Lab®
The Theseus Lab group of companies was founded in 2000 and initially has been engaged in distribution of complex and non-standard metrological, control and measuring equipment.
Over the last years Theseus Lab from a small company with a few employees emerged as a group of companies represented not only in the Czech Republic but also in Germany, USA, Russia, Belarus and Singapore. The process of establishing a fully functional representative office in Kazakhstan is underway. First steps have been taken to introduce interests of the group of companies in Uzbekistan and Ukraine. There are intentions to entry into the Africa and China market. More than 140 specialists are occupied in the group of companies by now. At the same time new workplaces are being constantly created.
17 yearson the market
24 trade marks
1532 brands
140 employees
2527 clients
Currently main enterprises of the group are not only involved in direct sales of ready-made equipment but also in engineering and development of in-house solutions. It is expected the share of these applications to aggregate more than 50% of profits by the beginning of 2020.

How we grow


Theseus Lab opportunities: delivery of equipment with advanced technologies


State-of-the-art engineering in the field of final and megasonic cleaning open up new opportunities and horizons for obtaining the highest level of defect-free cleaning of semiconductor wafers and various masks essential in such areas as microelectromechanical systems, the semiconductor industry and others. As a result of bidding Theseus Lab company was determined as a supplier … Continue reading Theseus Lab opportunities: delivery of equipment with advanced technologies

Theseus Lab on the conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology”


Theseus Lab is the general sponsor of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology".

Theseus Lab becomes authorized representative of LDetek


We are glad to represent the gas chromatography equipment and accessories of LDetek in Belarus, CIS countries, and Czech Republic.

Theseus Lab at the conference “Analytics RB-2018”


Theseus Lab Company will become the general sponsor of the scientific conference on analytical chemistry in Minsk.


+420 296 348-840


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