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Achievements. Partners.

The group of companies has developed a technology that allows detecting information on national tenders, competitive and state purchases for the subjects related to the company profile in a real time mode. Workflow processes have been specified and optimized ensuring quick lead time for taking part in tenders and winning them regularly. This has created a significant competitive advantage for the Theseus Lab group.
The companies of the group have won tenders for the supply of DVB T2 transmitters for digital TV broadcasting. Numerous wins for the supply of scientific equipment have been achieved almost for all institutions of the National Academy of Sciences, all leading institutions of higher technical education and for many largest high-tech enterprises.

Participation in international programs for technical assistance.

We’ve been repeatedly winning tenders held by European Union for the supply of modern metrological and scientific equipment to Belarus.
Since 2017 companies of the group have been taking part and winning similar tenders in different countries of Europe and Africa.
For the third consecutive year cooperation with the World Bank lasts on the Education Modernization Project for Belarus.
In 2018 supporting of international programs for technical assistance has been singled out as a separate division.
The outcome of many tenders is the engineering and implementation of our integrated solutions on the basis of leading manufacturers and also in-house design equipment. That means the companies of the group act not only as ordinary suppliers but as qualified engineering companies.

Our Partners

At the time being companies of the group offer to their customers more than 33,000 items of equipment from more than 500 product groups from more than 1,500 manufacturers. Such diversity ensures a different level of freedom of choice for the customers comparing to the extent competitive companies can offer.
By now companies of the Theseus Lab group have concluded dealer and distributor agreements with more than 100 established manufacturers including the following:

•Aaronia •FPI
•ACME •Frankonia •Perkin-Elmer
•Altmann Analytik •Han’s Laser •Pontis
•Ametek •Hansatech Instruments •Presi
•Anritsu •Kedi •Rtec-Instruments
•Anton Paar •Kjell & Carlsson Innovation •Sartorius
•Arctiko •Knauer •Shwarzbeck Mess-Elektronik
•Bentham Instruments •Koehler Instrument •Teseq
•Biolin Scientific •Labultima •Thermo Fisher Scientific
•CHNSpec Technology •LDetek •TSI
•Chroma ATE •National Instruments •UniTesS
•DencoHappel •Olympus •VWR International
•Drager •OmniTec •Waters
•FEI •OneTastic •Yeson Medical Device
•Flir •Nevion •Zeiss

Nowadays Theseus Lab company offers to their customers the equipment from more than 700 manufacturers chosen by the specialists of the Engineering Department. This could be products of youthful companies and from the companies, which have long been established on the market.