Česká Казахстан

Offer for regional representatives

If you or your company specializes in supplying

  • 01measuring and control equipment in the field of acoustic, optical, electrical and radio measurements;
  • 02laboratory and analytical equipment;
  • 03cable products;
  • 04equipment and components for optical communications systems;
  • 05chemicals;
  • 06raw materials for the chemical, biochemical and pharmaceutical industry or if you intend to expand the scope of your activities in these areas;
  • 07power supply sources;
  • 08receiving and transmitting television equipment.

If you keep a shop selling sophisticated technical products, where our products can be sold,

If you are located in the regional or major regional centers of the Customs Union, where you have established stable and trusting relationships with local enterprises and organizations, including town-forming ones.
Then we have something to offer you.

Our advantages:

  • 01a wide range of products;
  • 02free advice at forming purchase sets;
  • 03flexible pricing;
  • 04fast delivery;
  • 05the system of preferences;
  • 06good reputation in the market;
  • 07• impeccable pre-sale and after sales maintenance of high-tech equipment, including staff training.

and the most important is:


We guarantee:

  • 01selection of optimal solution for your needs;
  • 02strict compliance with the terms and conditions of delivery;
  • 03timely maintenance and staff training.
We are sure together we will succeed.


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