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Engineering and manufacturing

  • 01Solutions and equipment for metrological laboratories
  • 02Solutions and equipment for research laboratories
  • 03Solutions and equipment for educational laboratories
  • 04Solutions and equipment for experimental and pilot production
  • 05Solutions and equipment for pharmacology


  • 01The complex of programs " Management system and laboratory automation”
  • 02Monitoring system and recording of measurement conditions conducting
  • 03Simulator GNSS signals and measuring receivers for EMC testing
  • 04AWS for verification, calibration and testing of various equipment


  • 01Control and measuring equipment
  • 02Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • 03Machinery
  • 04Telecom equipment;

Supply of laboratories

  • 01Control and measuring equipment
  • 02Laboratory and analytical equipment
  • 03Consumables, accessories and components

Chemistry and Biochemistry

  • 01Laboratory reagents
  • 02Nutrient media and broths
  • 03Chemical raw materials for enterprises,


  • 01Production and delivery of interactive touchpads
  • 02Visual AIDS for educational institutions
  • 03Equipment and furniture for classrooms and laboratories

Our Team

70+ scientists/
90+ with EU
15% staff with
Master or PH Degree


Sales Department

Theseus Lab uses a variety of sales channels: from direct interaction with the customers up to active participation in the tenders and competitions. The specialists with higher technical education, knowledge of several foreign languages and sales technology are working in the Sales Department. The specialists have not only large experience in sales of sophisticated technical products, but also have considerable experience of their practical operation. This allows them quickly establishing sustainable customer relations.

Technical Department

The tasks of Technical Departments are to investigate thoroughly customer requirements, analyze possible ways of solutions and to choose the right decision.
Today 9 highly qualified engineers are working in Technical Department, three of them have a scientific degree. All from the staff of Technical Department possess wide technical erudition that allows them easily understand different groups of equipment. Knowing of foreign languages allows receiving required information quickly from manufacturers of equipment. This often significantly reduces costs for customers meeting all their requirements to the equipment.

Engineering Department

With the further development of the company, and with increasing frequency it was arising the situation when for the solution of the problems of our clients it was impossible to be limited by the simple deliveries of the equipment. In order to solve such tasks, the Engineering Department is being involved, created in 2016. At the present 4 engineers are working in the Department who possess unique experience in development and introduction of different systems. Many solutions offered by the Department are unique. One engineer holds the Master of Engineering.

Service Department

After the quantity of realized engineering solutions and sold equipment reached some critical limit then appeared the necessity of own Service Department. In 2017 it was made a decision about the qualitative extension of the service. Now the Service Department is staffed with 5 highly qualified engineers, able to quickly understand the features of operation and maintenance of even the most complex and non-standard equipment. They provide services for warranty and post warranty service of high-tech equipment.

The engineers of the Service Department are always ready to go for installation, setup, startup, and maintenance of equipment to any country, where our customers are located. The material base allowing even the most complex repair operations and restorations of various equipment are always available for the Service Department.

Original Solutions Department

The youngest division of the company is the Original Solutions Department which was set up in January 2018.