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Automation in FBU “Test-Saint-Petersburg”

by Vaselena

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The specialists of our partners have completed the project on automation of workspace in the FBU “Test-Saint-Petersburg”, also they launched a database UniTesS DB for automatic management of laboratories.

AWP for calibrators analysis over the interface using reference standards: Fluke 8508A:

Analysis of calibrators is very responsible and hard work, usually taking up to two working days. Using the original AWP time is reduced to two hours, with higher quality results.

AWP for oscilloscope calibration, an oscilloscope calibrator based interface Fluke 9500:

AWP in automatic mode performs calibration according to the accepted techniques and forms protocol and certificate. The average time of verification is 15-20 minutes.


AWP for voltmeter calibration over the interface based on multifunctional calibrator Fluke 5520.

AWP manages reference and calibrated means of measurement (MM) over the interfaces RS232, GPIB/КОП, USB, establishes the necessary point on the calibrator and reads data of verified MM. AWP allows to verify voltmeters of series B7, Agilent 34xxx, Instek GDMxxx etc. Verification and formation of Protocol usually takes 20 minutes.

Usage of the automated workplaces UniTesS allows not only to considerably accelerate the process of verification, but also improve the quality of work by eliminating the influence of the human factor. Except the possibility of a wrong device connection, incorrect reading or false fixation of measurements any deviations from methods of calibration become impossible.

One of the key competitive advantages of the UniTesS software package is the ease of upgrading and adding new verified MM. This simplicity is provided by using a script language, describing the method of verification.

In practice, even those workers who have absolutely no experience in the software development, can easily upgrade existing scripts and even write new ones. The employees of FBU “Test-Saint-Petersburg” found out that After a short training even beginners were able to independently make changes and write new scripts which could run correctly.

UniTesS DB database is common for all automated workplaces of the enterprise labs. This is a unified place to store all documentation and protocols related to verifications and testing processes. Backup system guarantees the safety of all data. Multilevel customizable  access system ensures availability of any data for each employee, in accordance with his access level. The database allows you to analyze all the accumulated data for the management decisions taking. Preparation of any form of accountability is greatly simplified and speeds up. Centralized and orderly data storage also allows you to quickly restore all the documents lost by customers.

It was not only that the UniTesS software was installed and tested at the workplaces, but also all the laboratory personnel were trained to use it and to prepare scripts for new types of MM.

FBU “Test-Saint-Petersburg” confirmed that other workplaces would be also equipped with this software. The benefits are clear.

For more information about the management system, UniTesS laboratories automation, ready-made AWP and the terms and conditions of your laboratory automation follow the link.