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Theseus Lab on the conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology”

The 2nd International Scientific and Practical Conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology” will be held in Minsk at the premises of the Biological Faculty of the Belarusian State University on May 28-31, 2018.

Theseus Lab Company will become the general sponsor of this event.

Key topics:

  • biochemical processes and macromolecular structures of the plant cell
  • photosynthesis and plants bioenergetics
  • organization and functioning of the cytoskeleton and organelles
  • substances transport, reception and signal transduction
  • growth and differentiation of cells and tissues, phytohormonal regulation
  • stress and adaptation, programmed cell death, autophagy
  • molecular determinants of plant productivity
  • xenobiology of plant cells, cell-level biotesting
  • genomics, proteomics, lipidomics, phenomics and other “omic” directions
  • system biology and bioinformatics
  • innovative agro- and biotechnologies
  • plant cells culture, microclonal propagation
  • plant bioengineering, transgenic technologies
  • biofuel production and development of medicines
  • education in the field of cellular biology.

Representative of the Theseus Lab Company will also deliver a report on the topic of “Application of climate chambers in biotechnology”.