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Theseus Lab ®

Theseus Lab – is an engineering company, which provides services on production, supply, installation, adjustment, commissioning and maintenance of high-tech products in the following fields: engineering and manufacturing, automation, service, supply of laboratories, chemistry and biochemistry, education and telecom.
Phone: +42 072 137-78-01
Email: mail@theseuslab.cz

Theseus Lab®
Companies of the Theseus Lab group operate on many high-tech markets. Qualified team together with a sound strategy has allowed them to become one of the regional leaders in the supply of high quality products in the field of measurement, telecommunications, chemicals, automation, and education. We offer products of more than 800 brands. We monitor all innovations in the respective fields, to be the first to offer them to our customers. We continue to study unoccupied and low-competitive niches in regional markets associated with modern technologies. In the nearest future you can expect the appearance of new areas of activity of our companies.
17 yearson the market
24 trade marks
837 brands
89 employees
2527 clients
Currently, companies of the Theseus Lab group do not only supply but also start their own production. Their products compete with samples of famous brands. Some products are unique.

How we grow


Theseus Lab on the conference “Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology”


Theseus Lab is the general sponsor of the International Scientific and Practical Conference "Cytobiology and Plant Biotechnology".

Theseus Lab becomes authorized representative of LDetek


We are glad to represent the gas chromatography equipment and accessories of LDetek in Belarus, CIS countries, and Czech Republic.

Theseus Lab at the conference “Analytics RB-2018”


Theseus Lab Company will become the general sponsor of the scientific conference on analytical chemistry in Minsk.

Seminar on Waters chromatographic equipment


We invite you to the seminar on the topic "Waters chromatography equipment to solve practical analytical problems"




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